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year name distance [nm] overview
2015 Poland & Germany 660 tour 2015 1 20150903 1084829905

Germany West
& Denmark

tour 2014 20150222 2008699657

Germany East
&  Denmark

tour 2013 20150222 2097829977

& Denmark
  tour 2012 20150222 1058216121

Denmark &
part of Germany

tour 2011 20150222 1410769692


















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I have made these real fast spinnaker sheets:

It is 10 mm double braided polyester spliced to 4 mm dyneema. It is very light at the flying end and runs easier in the blocks.

I like to have a thick end in my hand. It is very comfortable. The thin end makes the spinnaker fly in very light air. These spinnaker sheet I can use in every wind. By splicing the two yourself, you can choose exactly the lines you like.

I also made new barberhaulers by spicing 3 mm dyneema to a very light ring:

At the aft end of the barberhauler I have spliced on a 5 mm polyester cover, the outer part from another line:

This weighs 1/3 of my old barberhauler of 5 mm with a block at the end.

I now have the fastest spinnaker sheets of Öresound.

InFinit performed very well this year at the local club races in Råå. Like the last years, the other IF-boats were most of the time kept behind. Furthermore, in the handicap time correction, InFinit managed to reach the first place also in front of all the other boat types. It is very satisfying that such an old boat design keeps giving lots of problem for modern boat types.

For the complete results please visit the RHSS result page 2013.

The IF-boat SWE 1870 InFinit has in several years been the fastest and most succesful IF-boat in Råå in the northern part of Öresund. The boat is helmed by Johan Winberg with various crew on board.

Visit the Swedish IF-boat Association or Råå-Helsingborg Sail Club for more information. View the photo collection of SWE 1870 from various race events by clicking the gallery. There are many images like these:

stege 4


Don't miss the incredible single trip around the Baltic Sea by Ingo Gorodiski in his IF-boat Jolågo.

Join the Swedish IF-boat association if you are interested in the IF-boat.